Rotating NavMesh for a VR Tabletop Game without Regenerating

So we’re working on a VR RTS project and decided the battles take place on a giant table. “Locomotion” consists of rotating the table left or right - or rather, because the table has the NavMesh, rotating the world/room and the player around said table à la Theory of Relativity.

This obviously is problematic either way as we will not be able to use static lighting for one or the other part of the world. At most we could use stationary lighting, but applied to the vista, that would create some rather strange lighting artifacts… From the point of view of the player, it seems the table turns, so they would expect lighting to change there and Stationary Lighting would work perfectly fine.

Hence finally my question: Is it possible to rotate the NavMesh associated with the table without regenerating it? Or would it be better to change locomotion altogether such that the world is static entirely?