Room is Black after Build

Hey everyone. (This is looking at my level in Lighting Only mode)
Is there any reason why a room would completely black when built? I’ve made all my models, their texture maps and light maps. I included a skylight even. My light source is a directional light set to stationary. But only when I change it to Movable (and then back to Stationary or Static), the light is cast in the way I would expect it. I’ve even moved the room to a different location of the level and built to see if it was something to do with memory. But moving the room produced a better result. I have no idea whats wrong because there’s nothing blocking the light from hitting the room. Anyone experience this?
Also, I made sure all necessary light map resolutions are in the green. So I know the lightmap is large enough.

Holy CRAP I’m a ding dong. I had a piece of place holder geometry I forgot about. It was set to invisible the entire time.