RESTARTGAME() - Keeps resetting GameState Values

Hi Venros,

Gamestates are destroyed and recreated on restarts. The Game Instance class is persistent between levels. You can quickly use that to keep game to game stats.

More Info on GI:

Hope that helps =)

Hi guys,

So Iā€™m trying to implement the concept of rounds, and I have a maximumNumRounds under GameMode, and I keep track of the total number of rounds under my GameState.

So if GameState->TotalNumRounds < maximumNumRounds then we can restart the game when the time runs out using: RestartGame(). But no matter how I tried to implement this, the values keep getting reset to default (I tried seamless and non-seamless).

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. (I would like to refrain from having to create a custom class just to keep track of said values).


Man wish I found this a week ago lol, thnx for the quick reply this will fix my problem.