[RESOLVED...For Now.]"Px.h" will not include and the Player Controller has errors. I just updated from 4.26 to 4.26.1 now to 4.26.2. (In order to potentially fix this problem)

All I did was update from 4.26 to 4.26.1 then to 4.26.2. I don’t know what to do these errors won’t let me open Unreal Engine and I can’t compile. I can’t figure this out alone these error don’t make sense because the syntax errors within the code are not even apparent and the include file problems are not even solvable apparently I guess I may have to wait for a another update just after 4.26.2 was released.

Here is where the player controller is showing the errors.
The class looks fine.

I had used the IWYU method now ironically there are include errors within the include files. I linked to the files above only to get errors that look redundant within the include files that I had linked to themselves. Error-ception if you will.

Here are the updated include file paths that need to be linked.

I have tried the following above but the tutorial link has deprecated.

I just verified my Unreal Engine 4 installation using the Epic Games Launcher. I believe the components that were missing may have been installed, but I don’t want to sing hurrah yet. But for now this is my answer.