Resolution Issue. Help?

So ive got two scenes. Both are using the same light source, both are BSP brushes (the walls), both have a 4.0 Lightmass Resolution and both are Production light quality. But im getting dreadful results, unfortunately In my final scene.
The image on the left is my test scene and the image on my right is my final environment scene.

Any suggestions as im stumped. Thanks.

These may seem like an obvious question since you mentioned the lightmap res already but in your final scene have you tried playing around with the lightmap res settings to see if you can get it to change at all? Try setting one of the ceiling BSPs back to default 64 lightmap res and working your way down to see if it improves at all.

Is the light source for both static or dynamic?

Tested it. Its because the light was static… So why do I get such horrific results with static lighting? There are going to be a lot of lights in my scene so im going to need static lighting at some point…

Was there any change when you changed the lightmap res to the default and then adjusted it slowly back down? Like at 32, 16 or 8?

Nope, No change. Just extremely bad at even 32. Here:

Sometimes when I build my lighting I get these errors. I think it might be because I upgraded to 4.10. I originally built the scene in 4.7

Yes the update may be part of the cause then since they are just BSPs have you tried converting the BSPs to static meshes in the editor?

ye I tried converting some of the BSP’s and i was getting some mix crazy results. Some of the lights would bake into the mesh’s and some where just completely ignoring the lights. I think i’m just going to have to start over haha.

Like in my test scene the lighting is gorgeous and all the lights are static and the scene was even transfered form 4.7 to 4.10. Very strange.

It is strange, but those errors for the externally referenced asset are par tof the issue too I’m sure