Resizable game window not applied on Linux

After checking the option to make the game window have a resizable it still wasn’t resizable. The checkbox did nothing.

I compared the LinuxWindow.cpp file with WindowsWindow.cpp and found that this if statement in LinuxWindow.cpp if ( !Definition->HasOSWindowBorder ) contains the code that would set the resizable border.

I moved it and the 2 other window style checks outside the if statement making the part look like this:

if ( !Definition->HasOSWindowBorder )

if (Definition->IsTopmostWindow)
    WindowStyle |= SDL_WINDOW_ALWAYS_ON_TOP;

if (!Definition->AppearsInTaskbar)

if (Definition->IsRegularWindow && Definition->HasSizingFrame)
    WindowStyle |= SDL_WINDOW_RESIZABLE;

After recompiling the engine and launching my game again the game window had a resizable border. So I think this fixed it without breaking anything, at least I didn’t notice anything being broken afterwards.

I’m using the release branch from github. I didn’t create a pull request because I didn’t want to start switching branches and spend forever recompiling afterwards.

I’d be really happy if this could be fixed for future releases, if it isn’t already.

Edit: I’ve done a pull request for my changes here:

Hey hhyyrylainen-

Thank you for submitting a bug report. I have reproduced this issue and logged a report for it here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-45847) . You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.


Hi, I’ve already opened a pull request for my fixes here: I just forgot to update this bug report with the link.

I’m not sure if that makes it any faster for someone to verify that the patch works and pull it…