[Request] Sword Character Animset

Would love to see a sword animset, slashing stabbing crouching in air slashing animations would be awesome for my prototype phase.

Me too. Up! :slight_smile:

A buyer here as well :smiley:

I’d be interested as well. Preferably a few different melee weapons and various types of attacks. Both one and two handed.

Buyer here :smiley:

Decent amount of replies and views, Im confident we will see something soon.

I’d be willing to make funds available for a good Melee Pack (Swords and Shields etc). Also a good Bow and Arrow anims pack and a good caster anims pack. I think there is definitely a market there.

I’d buy this too, if they were based on realistic/historical weapons (no dual wield, etc.). Animations is one of the few asset types I would be willing to share with other production, if I was going to release…
Other stuff is only good for prototyping, imo…

This is something we would be willing to work on if we could straighten out all the info. We do have one melee system coming to market place, but it is more of a survival game template. It has a baseball bat and katana. I am interested to know more information and we could get started. Swords range wide in games from fantasy jump slashes to realistic knights swinging heavy weaponry. The more information you guys can provide the better we can understand what exactly is wanted.

With there being so many medieval weapons, maybe some want fantasy some want realistic others do not even want medieval so I am trying to sort what’s the best approach to satisfying as many as you as possible. all animations will be key frame so first pack should remain around 20 moves or less in order to have it done in a weeks time. Animating using place holder meshes we need to know what type of weapon the character will be holding. Example a large viking sword, would be rather heavy and utilize a lot of body momentum and not swing as fast as a baseball bat. There are a lot of factors that come into play to ensure the animations will be realistic to the weapons you will be using them with.

Maybe the best thing to do is break everything down by packs? Medieval, fantasy, spells,?

Personally, as mentioned, I am very interested in a realistic set for medieval (or earlier) weapons for a current project.
Longswords, arming swords, maces, etc.
Shield would also be nice.
Considering that I would also want these to be based on historical fighting styles, at least to some degree, I am rather pessimistic :frowning:

Luckily I have a kinect and some contacts in a very active historical melee/reenactment group.

Also interested in semi-realistic/realistic melee animations similar to that of Mount and Blade.

Sorry to say but that’s more specialized, you’ll probably have to hire artists specifically to make those.

I’d love to see them on the marketplace as well, but I doubt it’s going to happen. General purpose animations are far more likely.

I would still say that a realistic set might be a better business-approach than heavily stylized ones. If you create a game with combo based, over the top fighting, it will be a vital signature of the game in question. A realistic set would not only be toned down and therefore less recognizable, it would also be possible to adapt to a wider range of game types and settings. Animations for an arming sword or a mace could be used for everything from a beer bottle to a baseball bat, and the animations for a longsword could be used for something like a pool cue or a rebar, if you were making f.ex a survival game…

As for m&b, it doesn’t really use animations, does it? It just hands control over the weapon arm to the mouse…?

I would just start with fantasy, realistic sword swinging is kind of boring.

I second this. I’m very interested in meele medieval weapons realistic animations (maybe semi-realistic would do just fine, e.g. Dark Souls II style)

I’d definitely be interested in realistic moves. Preferably a wide variety of melee weapons and each should have a couple of attacks: Right/left swing, preferably able to be comboed into a right followed by a left swing in the same animation, overhead, piercing and maybe some bashing move for certain weapons (to stagger opponent and push them back).

One set like this (with the animations that fits the weapon of course) for different weapon types if that makes sense. like:
Heavy 2 handed blade
Light 2 handed blade
Heavy 2 handed blunt
1 handed blade
1 handed short blade(knife)
Light 1 handed blunt
Heavy 2 handed blunt
2 handed pole

Might have missed something obvious but something like that should cover most types of melee weapons except for very niche ones.
I’d buy a pack like this in a heartbeat as long as the price is right.

I’d go this way, some people might only want weapon anims for their game and feel bad paying for a bunch of stuff they won’t use. Even if the price is a bit higher for more anim packs it allows people to get exactly what they want (Though when I get around to this side of my project I’ll want ALL OF THE THINGS).

Personally I’d be interested in that ‘in the middle’ style like Dark Souls where many of the animations are pretty realistic but not exactly historical reenactment realistic, with some that just go off the deep end.
Also I’d add a shield bash to Sitrec’s list.

There might also be the option of packs for different weapon styles? A ‘normal’ 1 handed sword isn’t like using a rapier etc.
It’s certainly a very wide set of motions so I can understand needing a bit more clarity on what people want, I look forward to seeing what you get =]


I am currently working on a little package :wink:

@Sitrec: Your list is quite long and I am quite sure I won’t match all those. Currently I have included:

  • 1 Handed Sword
  • 1 Handed Sword + Shield
  • 2 Handed Sword

Might be added:

  • 1 Handed Axe / Mace
  • Staff
  • Dagger/Knife

I think these are the most common ones.

Currently there are (or at least plans for) the following animations for each category from above

  • Idle
  • Run
  • Jump
  • Attack from Right to Left (position doesn’t change)
  • Attack from Right to Left with step forward (Rootmotion)
  • Attack from Left to Right (start point is in the middle of the AttackRight, so it can be used as a combo) / with and without step (Rootmotion)

I plan to add the following:

  • Block
  • Block Hit
  • Hit reaction
  • Death
  • Thrust Attack
  • Spinning Attack

What else do you want to see?

Do you want a character controller included to show how to use all these animations?

Yes this would be fantastic :smiley:

Sounds good. As long as they’re well made and with the realistic approach (no crazy stuff) I’d pick it up if the price was right.
The more types added from my list the bigger the chance that I’d buy it. :wink:
For me it would be essential that each type had an attack from each side, preferably being able to be comboed together, one from above and one thrust/piercing attack.
A character controller might be overdoing it, most people will be putting them into their own character anyway and there is documentation on all that already.
I’d prefer more focus on having as many types of animations as possible instead. But what do I know.