[Request] Lights and Reflections

Hey Epic devs! I got a feature request for you. Now I think this is probably a pretty complex feature request, but I feel like it is important enough to be worth it. I would love if there was a property in lights that allows me to disable the “source” from being included in reflections. This is mainly to fix the issue when fill lights show up as a distinguishable glow spot in the reflections, and I would like to be able to turn it off so that I can get rid of those.


Have you tried modifying the min roughness property on the light? It’s a bit of a hack but it renders the specular reflection of the light as if the surface were at least the specified roughness. Rather than seeing a bright, well defined point you should see a blurrier more diffuse effect.

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Before I create this request, does unchecking the “Affects World” property in the light fix this? Or is it something different that you are describing?

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No that just turns the light off. I would like to just be able to make lights not appear in reflections. Thanks!!

Thank you for clarifying. I have put in a request to allow users to toggle the light asset’s reflection. If there is any other features you would like to see in the editor, please let us know.



Hi, i have the same problem now. Is there another solution to hide the reflections of the “source” from a light? Or maybe another way to have a light like the directional light without a visible “source” of the light?

I have a black wall which is like a black mirror (just 0,0,0 as base color and 0 roughness). When i set the min. roughness of the light with higher values the wall becomes grey… so that don’t work in my case.

Some images to show what i mean:

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