Reporting Issues for Documentation

Engine version: 4.25.4

Detailed description of the issue:

Under “Determining If a Class Implements Your Interface”.
It says “For compatability with both C++ and Blueprint classes that implement your interface, use any of the following functions:”
However, the Cast<To>(From *) option is not correct. This does NOT work when the passed From pointer is an object based on a Blueprint class which implements the interface via blueprints (i.e. Class Settings → Interfaces). The other two options (the first two) do work on Blueprint objects. So, in order to test Blueprint class Interface implementation from CPP, it seems the best option is:

if (OnThisObject->Implements<UMyInterface>())

Hello JustOnCardThanks,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. This behavior sounds like it may be a bug. In order for us to reproduce the use-case that leads to this behavior, Would it be possible for you to file a bug report?

Once you’ve read the above guidelines, you can fill out the Bug Submission Form. We appreciate your time and effort in helping use get a precise report of this behavior

The doc page shows only “Missing template.”

Hello jCoder, that’s definitely a bug. I’ve passed that on to our team, and that page should no longer be accessible.

@Angus.Losier I’m very interested in the topic of the page (Building UE4 as a Library). Is that page going to be replaced with the correct content?

Yes, there’s a glitch with the publishing. The correct page should be available when we next publish.

Request: Take the information on the Async Framework from this forum thread: New Core Feature: Async Framework (Master Branch and 4.8) and add it to the C++ coding section. I don’t believe there is anything on the Async framework on the docs site.

Hello jCoder,

Thank you for providing this information. We’ve logged the page request ticket in our internal tracking system to be evaluated by one of our Core Documentation specialists.


It’s seems, you have a bug in the documentation, when I click to blueprint picture to show on full screen and close, I can not scroll down the page.

I saw this issue on this page Documentation

Page: Setting Up Dedicated Servers

Section: 1. Required Setup (Specifically the green Tip)

Issue: The Tip in this page is refrencing a link that is either broken, or no longer exists

To build a new multiplayer project from scratch, refer to the [Network Multiplayer Quick Start Guide](InteractiveExperiences/Networking/Quickstart], which adds some basic multiplayer mechanics to the third-person template.

Sorry if this is too small. Thank you for your time and have a great day :slight_smile:

An important consideration when using Translucent Materials is that they do not currently support specularity.

I believe that’s outdated info.

Hello House_zu_Heltzer,

Thank you for reporting this broken link. A fix has been submitted and should be live in our next publish.



In Scalability Reference, for sg.EffectsQuality 1 the doc says that r.MaterialQualityLevel is 1, but it should actually be 2.

Also, in Metadata Specifiers, DynamicOutputParam and ReturnDisplayName is unlisted.