Reporting Issues for Documentation

First off, thank you for taking the time to help us improve UE4 Documentation!

We request that issues found within documentation please be submitted within this thread (this may change at a later date). If you have multiple issues to report, we ask that you use your best judgment and if need be make a separate reply for each. This will allow us to track each issue more easily.


• Please remember to always Search the thread first, to see if your issue has already been reported.
• If your issue has not been previously reported, then please proceed to reply to this thread specifying what the defect is.
• Again, please make a new reply for each separate issue, and use the following format whenever you are able:

Engine version: The version number of the Unreal Engine which you are currently using. For example: 4.7.2. This is mainly for when you are reporting an issue, that a certain portion of documentation is out-of-date, and to show what version of the engine this was checked against.

Detailed description of the issue: Please remember to include all potentially relevant information (what page you were on, where the issue is located, linking to the page itself).

Screenshots: We encourage you to include a screenshot(s) whenever they may prove helpful in understanding the issue.

Additional info that is helpful: Browser used, how you were viewing the documentation (mobile, tablet, second monitor with different resolution). This will be primarily helpful when there appears to be a formatting issue present. Example: I was viewing the documentation on a tablet and the search window is cutoff and unable to use.

What kind of issues are we asking about?
• Out-of-date information
• Spelling or Punctuation errors
• Out-of-date image(s)
• Link errors (Wrong page, 404, ex…)
• Formatting Issues

Once again, we thank each and every one of you very much for your help!

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Thanks for the heads up Chariots! I think this is an easy fix. On that page it looks like the 14 mips info got added to the chart but just not updated as the number in the info located higher up on the page.

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FActorSpawnParameter is lacking descriptions for each parameters (Copied from thread)

Engine version: 4.7.5

Detailed description of the issue: Article is lacking descriptions for each of the parameters stated. I am looking to see what the Instigator is for whom, the Owner of the Pawn, or an Actor acting on the Pawn.


Additional info that is helpful: Not needed.

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One issue for How to set up Character Movement:

Detailed description of the issue: The video doesn’t play and open a blank page.

**Screenshots/Links: **

Additional info that is helpful: I’m using Chrome Version 41.0.2272.118 m

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Another issue in How to set up Character Movement:

Detailed description of the issue: Wrong picture at step 13. Transistion to JOG_BS to Ifle_Rifle_Hip
**Screenshots/Links: **
This picture

Should be this:

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What about missing documentation?

Hi . May I suggest an item that should be added to this thread?
In the process of rebuilding the documentation, I’ve noticed pieces of information that have simply vanished.
One example is the BSP documentation.

You may refer to my other post

says there’s nothign wrong , but I swear there used to be details on the geometry tools. There’s no documentation now on any of this. See the screenshot

There is documentation missing for
Edit, Brush Clip, Lathe, Extrude, Pen
> and all the details associated with those tools.

None of that is documented anymore, and if it is, then I don’t know where to find it.

I think newcomers to the engine should still be able to access BSP Brushes in a knowledgeable way even though they are gradually being phased out. I think they still have a purpose in the prototype workflow.


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Speaking of that, do you know what the Optimize is for? I used it before and, well, let’s just say it crashed a few times back in 4.3.

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The entry for material editor hotkeys in the online documentation has comment and componentMask mixed up.
It says that comment is Shift+C and componentMask is C, but in the 4.7.5 version of the engine its the opposite. Shift+C makes a componentMask and C makes a comment.

thanks for the awesome engine :slight_smile:

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Nope. I have no idea, because it isn’t documented. Case in Point.


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Engine Version: 4.7.5
Detailed description of the issue: Documentation is out of date, specifically meta is missing many attributes (i.e. FriendlyName).

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Hey !
thanks for the heads up about the video. I put in a request to get that fixed. It appears when you left click it tries to open the video in the new page but no video plays. My work around was to right click and open the video in a new tab or window and it seemed to play fine.
Hope this helps.

Hey !
looking at getting a request in to fix this. But the links to your images you are pointing out dont seem to work on my end. They give me an invalid attachment message. Can you try sending them to me please :slight_smile:

Hey ,
I think most of the confusion is coming from the change of BSP to Geometry mode. There was originally BSP documentation that was left over from udk/ue3 docs but once Geometry became the new way of doing things a lot of the older docs were redone. Now as for those tools/options (Edit, Brush Clip, Lathe, Extrude, Pen) under Geometry editing mode I can put in a request for better clarification on those features.

Thanks for the heads up CybranM!
This is an easy fix. I will edit the documentation too switch those hotkey’s around

Thanks for the info AdeptStrain!
I put in a request to get this issue fixed.

Thank you for the reply . Hopefully the new docs forum will see improvement in the docs as a result. I do almost all my unreal engine learning directly from the docs.


I edit my post:


Engine version: 4.7.5

Description: Out-of-date information

Slate Styling - Option missing in documentation

On this page:
for Texture Based Images part:
you said : set the Compression Setting to TC Editor Icon but it is not there anymore.


Thanks for the update !

Thanks ! appreciate taking the time to move this issue over and as stated before I am cataloging the issue to be fixed when someone has a to get eyes on the subject.