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Typo in the code snippet

The Multi-Player game example code posted at Multiplayer Programming Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation does not seem to compile with version 4.26 of Unreal!? Does it work for you, and am I just missing a step?

Hi there,

The description for APlayerController::AcknowledgePossession() seems to be wrong, and actually a copy of the description for IsFrozen(). This is probably generated from the comment in PlayerController.h for the function, so that should probably be corrected.

/** Returns true if input should be frozen (whether UnFreeze timer is active) */
virtual void AcknowledgePossession(class APawn* P);

The function clearly doesn’t return anything (but IsFrozen does).

Hello, I just noticed all the links under Building Virtual Worlds → Level Editor → Details Panel are broken.

Hi bokks83, thanks for the feedback. There’s definitely something wrong going on here, I’ll see about getting this fixed.

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The description for UWidgetComponent::GetWidget() appears to be incorrect. It seems to be the same as UWidgetComponent::SetWidget(). The issue is similarly present in Blueprints and in the source code comments, so I’m guessing it’s automatically generated from the source.


Is it perhaps also worth noting that multi-line comments seem to only get the first sentence in the docs? Not sure if this is intentional.


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This is just a general gripe. It used to be that every developer library came with a comprehensive programmer’s guide and a reference guide. This body of documentation has neither in comprehensive form. It makes the product inaccessible, and learning curves are steeper than they should be. This mass of documentation has a hierarchy but no coding topics I have found are completely documented nor do you even learn where the real relationships between a code module and the rest of the engine are. There’s no index, and no organized single table of contents. In the mean time, the product expands on a serious curve that requires devotion and experimentation to keep up.

The videos are horrible and are basically narrating actions taken in a particular example. Examples like this do not convey real training.

Release management is so bad, I’m seeing a lot of empty space, and some API items are simply noted with “this was removed.” Not the version, the replacement, a workaround, or a reason.

I’ve bought several books on UE but none more than starter books. And these are useless for real development.

Unreal Engine deserves a masterful multi-disciplined technical writing team headed up by some seriously experienced folks. The best massive documentation effort I’ve seen is intel’s architecture document set. 10 volumes, last I checked. Both guides and references, but the documentation is COMPLETE, which is very important when writing assembly language for multiple processors.

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I found a few links for UObjectProperty and UObjectPropertyBase that returns you to an indexpage.

Now i also found a fix in another post by Rama that these have changed to FObjectProperty and FObjectPropertyBase (?)
Would be nice if the links could at least bounce you to the correct pages

Throw this one in for good measure :slight_smile:

Hello southrop,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. An internal Jira has been logged for our UMG Tools team. We hope to have this issue fixed soon.

Hi SirTainly,

Where did you find those links? It would be helpful so we can check the page and see if there’s anything else wrong there.

Engine version: 5.0.0-16433597+++UE5+Release-5.0-EarlyAccess (Yay :slight_smile: :confetti_ball: )

Detailed description of the issue (suggestion):
In the Unreal 5 Early Access documentation, under Hardware Ray Tracing, it says that you can visualize the Proxy Mesh by this command: r.Nanite 0

However, you also have CTRL + N for showing “Nanite Proxy”, maybe it should be mentioned as well?

The command is good of course because it works everywhere, but the context of the help page is the Static Mesh Editor. Just a thought!

Here’s the page:

Thank you for your great work, UE5 looks amazing and I have learned so much already from the documentation already. :slight_smile:

Scroll down, there’s an issue with formatting with a long note.

The AppleArkit’s documentation is now 404, can this be fixed? Thank you!

Hello Trent_4,

Would you be able to provide a screenshot of how this page is displaying for you?

Hello Saltlady,

thank you for bringing this to our attention. we have logged a ticket for this issue and hope to have this fixed next publish!


Hello rmydskeppet,

thank for providing us this feedback. We have logged this feature for next publish.




my zoom is normal, face no issues in other pages & sites.
Much of the text clips to the right, can’t read it without zooming out & can’t “scroll” to the right

Engine version: 4.26

Detailed description of the issue: Section 6 of Multiplayer Programming Quickstart says to add:

AThirdPersonMPProjectile* spawnedProjectile = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AThirdPersonMPProjectile>(spawnLocation, spawnRotation, spawnParameters);

It should be:

AThirdPersonMPProjectile* spawnedProjectile = GetWorld()->SpawnActor<AThirdPersonMPProjectile>(ProjectileClass, spawnLocation, spawnRotation, spawnParameters);

This is the same as Section 3.2 of First Person Shooter. In the current example ProjectileClass is never used and causes problems if the user wants to implement subclasses.

Screenshots: N/A

Additional info that is helpful: N/A

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The Power node in the material editor has its input clamped to be positive, but this is not clear in the documentation:

The Power expression takes two inputs: a base value (Base ) and an exponent (Exp ). It raises the base value to the power of the exponent and outputs the result. In other words, it returns Base multiplied by itself Exp times.

It is mentioned in the hover text on the node: