RepNotify variables in a loop only shows the last index changes to newly joined players.

I’am new to multiplayer and replication, I have multiple actors in my map and each one have a Widget component to display a specific widget based on a data i am looping on, I want to make my dedicated server responsible for setting each of these actors widgets so when other players join they find these widgets already spawned and replicated to all players.
I managed to replicate these actors using Switch has authority node and then run a loop on my data and set each actor widget one by one, the issue is if players join when the server just started and be present while the process is running for the first time everything goes perfect , but when i reconenct one player i only find the last index actor of the loop displayed since i’am using RepNotify which makes sense, what i am struggling to do is how can i let any latejoining player see the whole displayed loop/actors. I dont have that much experience in replication and i looked everywhere and i didnt find any similar situations so can anyone help me with the logic please
Here is a code breakdown in this reply :