Replicating Animations from Client to server

I can’t understand what I’m doing wrong here…

I just want my character animations to replicate. Currently, they replicate from server to client (shown on both) but not from client to server (shown on client only).

Here is my Character BP logic for replication (all relevant variables are replicated)

Here is a slightly more zoomed out view to get the general gist (not an ideal method but it works for now)

Here are the replication settings in class defaults in my character BP

Here is my animbp event graph (showing how I make a local copy of the replicated enum, the local copy then determines the state changes)

If anyone can tell me why it doesn’t replicate from client to server that would be great!

No one knows?

Found it.

For anyone else, this was the solution:

Seems like you are trying to create the equivelent of event graphs in the animinstance on the character level.

Why not just pass the used bools to the anominstance and use transitions based on these bools to change played animations.

Please don’t use tick to sent information to the server. It will flood your network traffic and not work.

Try having an action enum that you can change and have if call an on rep replication that will trigger the state change passing in parameters to the animinstance and there drive the animations with event graphs and animation states

thanks ill look into that method!