Replace multiple StaticMeshActors

How do i collect StaticMeshActors in an array so that i can retrieve individual transforms and then replace with other objects.
For example the first object in the array could be converted to a Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh that then can be placed in the scene.
See image, its the selected items i want to get in an array.
I’m open for a solution in C++ if it’s possible in Blueprint.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve attached another image from inside the BP. The array marked red is what i wan’t to auto-collect somehow. But i can’t find the right way to 1. search for the teapot actor instances inside BP or C++ . 2. Get them inside an array in the position marked red in the image. Also, i think the definition showed in image may be flawed but that is probably not that hard to solve once i get the correct array collection inside BP.