Repeating Textures - Unreal 4.11

Hello there!

I use my own custom Terrain for my world. From a distance, it always looks like this:

The textures repeat themselves after a while. I also changed the scale in the LanscapeCoords node, which didn’t really help; everything was less tiled (but still not fixed) but the texture quality was reduced by a lot.

The same thing happened (altough you can only see it faintly - the waves repeat themselves - with this particular water blueprint) here:

I cannot change any LandscapeCoords node for the water, as I’m using a blueprint.

How can I fix this? I’m using Starter Content, Open World Demo and Water Plains only.

Hey Rhidor, try this:

this fades the texture into a bigger version of itself depending on distance from camera, resulting in waaaay less repetativeness.

Thank you! I’ll try it right away.

Will this also work with the water blueprint?

it should work, if you show me the material setup for the water I can probably make an example. keep in mind, i will need to be able to read the nodes.

I sadly couldn’t really apply your solution to my Terrain. It seems we build it completely differently, as this is what I did:

I don’t see where I can insert this solution, as I have no “Lerp” node.

Concerning the water: I use the water from the “Water Plains” free resource, if that helps. I’m not sure which nodes I should show; The ones from the blueprint, the water material or material instance?

You do have a lerp node. normally its called Linear Interpolate. (Just hold down the L key, and left click to plop it down)

and the water material itself is the one you should show.

Alright, I think I wasn’t clear with what I meant. I didn’t mean that I had no “Lerp” node in general, I meant that I didn’t have one in my current Terrain setup. Where, in the image posted in the comment above, should I insert your solution into? How should I connect it?

Here are the pictures of the Water material. It’s quite big, so I hope these images are enough:

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Number 6

Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

Number 10