Repeating Custom Node Function throughout other Classes

Due to me devving for VR, if I want to get Print String - esque functionality I have to print to a text component inside my VR_HUD class. For this, I have to get the PlayerController then get the HUD of the reference before casting to my VR_HUD, then changing the value of the text component in the VR_HUD.

I like to debug a lot from the beginning, so usually when I create a custom class I like to make sure it’s at least spawning by doing OnEventBeginPlay > Print String. Due to the lengths I have to go to just to get text to print to the screen and be visible in VR, is there an easier way for me to replicate all of the above functionality without having to create all of the nodes by hand every time I want to print text to the screen?

And this will be across all classes if possible, regardless of if they are created yet or not.