rending on mobile phone.

1.Whether or not the unreal engine 4 can support material-father-instance on the mobile platform?

2.Whether to support the SSS-skin-render materials on mobile platform?

3.dose the loading time of the launch faster than the unity3d engine?

4.How about the compatibility between different Mobile phone ? such as graphics rending , display card. other hardware like SONY NOKIA etc. especially the android system phones.

5.Can I make the size of game install package within 30 MB?
( one character only but High-Q)

6.On the mobile platform,dose the Unreal 4 engine can support many dynamic lightnings with shadow ?

dose the Normal-map effect looks same as PC?

many thinks!!

I need those information to make a choice on the engine part.
Pay attention. this game is one character only.

  1. Yes Unreal Engine Material Instance Editor UI | Unreal Engine Documentation
  2. No Subsurface Shading Model in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation
  3. Some cases maybe, depends on the project.
  4. List of Supported devices
  5. Probably, again would depend on project and optimization, details regarding cooking and packaging here: Packaging Unreal Engine Projects | Unreal Engine Documentation
  6. No, Dynamic light shadowing not supported, however is a future addition they wish to make Trello, normal map yes probably make sure to check the texture specifictions on the documentation

Here is a good documentation page for a lot of these questions:

Highly suggest reading the documentation as a lot of these questions can be answered there.

Thank you very much!