Rendering mesh "on top" of everything else?

My project is using 3D playing card meshes. Our card mesh has multiple materials to cover various parts of the card, some of which are “User Interface” materials. We have it set up this way in order to do some UMG trickery involving dynamic text rendered onto the face of the material.

Now since these are in fact 3D playing cards, and our scene is a 3rd person level, simply placing these cards in front of the camera every frame is not only expensive, but also causes clipping or Z-fighting between the cards and the 3D environment (when the camera moves around). Is there any way to have these cards always render on top of everything else in the scene?

Bear in mind… Setting the material to transparent to disable depth test will not work, since many visible parts of the card are “User Interface” materials. So AFAIK, Custom Depth or Stencil is also not an option (I’m assuming). Could this be a reasonable situation to use an offscreen render target? And if so, how could the user interact with these cards if they’re offscreen?

I would like to know this as well. Translucent material is not an ideal solution for me too.