Rendering custom depth for Landscapes

is there a way to render the landscape to the custom depth buffer?

Hi, we added this support for in 4.16. You can see the github commit link in the ticket Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-28371)
if you want to apply the changes to your code before 4.16 comes out. Note that the commit contains a bunch of features, search for customdepth to find the specific changes you’d need to apply.

  • Jack

wow!! thanks a lot, i got it working on 4.13.2…

for everyone that want to try to enable custom depth on landscape you need to modify these files with the changes marked on these commits:

Then without getting into the the code. I directly take the mesh component of the landscape spline. Then I can access to the Stencil Value. And it works now for me: I have Landscape spline with a custom stencil.

Not fancy as modifying the engine, but more convenient.