Render the Scene Black&White but keep certain objects colored.

What I want to do, is create a kind of menu system which will work as follows:

  • when menu is opened, the player cannot move anymore
  • he can look around
  • menu items spawn around him, by looking at them he can select those items and manouver through the menu

What I want to do now, is render the whole scene black and white and only render the menu items in color. Is that possible somehow, without changing all my materials?

Thanks in advance.

Popstprocess for scene that desaturates everything.

Render menu in UMG.

Great, thanks. I got that to work. Since I’m developing a VirtualReality game though, I’d like to not control the Widgets with the mouse cursor, but with a Raycast instead. I alread have a UsableActor class, which can be looked at. How would I implement the same functionality to the menu items?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Oh, I just realized I posted with two different accounts, sorry bout that.

You can do that either with a post process material or with color lookup tables.

As jacky said, I’d use lookup tables to do that too.

So from what I understand, Lookup tables are to change the scene color? I would still need the Widgets, which I kinda like and would like to use, but how can I use them with raycasting (use them by looking at them), rather than mouseclicking? I couldnt find anything about that.

Look into 3D widgets then.