Render Movie Queue issue : Rendering ended in the middle

We are rendering a 8-minute Panorama video using Camera 360 Asset and MOVIE RENDER QUEUE.

Although Total Frames is 29,998 displayed on the Preview screen, Rendering stops after about 5,800 frames are rendering.

And the time shown in Time Remaining seems to be shorter than the time required to render all Frames.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Hi, BlackOut_B84!
I’m creator Camera360 asset and Camera360v2 plugin.
All support in this theme [SUPPORT] CAMERA 360 System or [SUPPORT]CAMERA 360 v2. System
If you could not solve your problem, just email me , I will help you

Under the same conditions, Camera360 was removed and the Rendering test was performed again, but it was the same.
I think there’s a different cause.
It’s become a difficult situation.