render millions of frames from dynamically assembled scenes

I’m working on a project, which will create a training dataset for neural networks. It will be millions of rendered images from lot of dynamically assembled scenes. I was thinking a lot whether to use realtime technology like unreal or something like fast gpu path tracing. Finally I have decided to go realtime. My main question now is wheter it is doable in UE4 to dynamically load preassembled scene with materials through scripting and render the images from them, without the need to compile for every scene. It will be thousands of scenes, so I could not afford the overhead.
Thank you very much for help.

After I have read dozens of threads I think, that I would need FBX importer which could import the files dynamically. From what I understood, it’s not possible use the FBX importer from editor in runtime, but I think that for my purposes I could render the images from the editor. Basicaly I need UE4 only for it’s rendering capabilities. I only need to load a scene and render few images from it as quicly as possible, without any manual labor. Could you give me some pointers for this?
Thanks again…