Render automaticlly a movie

Hi, I would like to do an automatically process of load two levels, rendering the level sequences and export the rendered movie to a extern folder with the version 4.13

The following process I like to realize:

  1. Level 1 load
  2. Sequenze 1 render and export with fixed settings
  3. Level 3 load
  4. Sequenze 2 render and export with fixed settings
  5. Process end

Is there any solution, also may it be with C++ scripting, to realise this?

Thank you

Honestly, not too sure on the best way to do this but here’s an idea.

Using C++ you could add some launch parameters that tell the level, sequence, location, etc.

Then have some logic for handling those parameters to get the proper level loaded and on load start the sequence record you want.

This would allow you to just run shortcuts to re-record your sequences. Alternatively you could write a batch file or make a quick tool to load them more dynamically.

If you truly want automation then perhaps use a custom ini section with entries for each recording then use C++ to read these and do your records.

Thank you for your answer I will try it if it works like this.
I also tried to open a extern programm with execute console command but it hadn´t work for me.


I was wondering, did you manage to get this working? Especially to start the sequence recording automatically (from runtime).