Remove Light

Hi, so I have a level with lots of stuff in it and a cave. The problem is that in the cave it’s not dark… I don’t have any lights in it, I only have a Directional light and a Sky Light in the level. So my question is how do I block the light from these two lights to go into the cave so that I can place some point lights in it and create a nice mood.
Thanks in advance!

P.S: Sorry if my question is dumb or anything, I’m kinda new at this.

Does the cave have anything visible from the outside, as in an actual mountain or equivalent geometry, or is it just a “tube” with all normals facing inwards? Is the surrounding mesh (if there is one) set to cast shadows? Does the directional light cast shadows? Is the skylight set to cast shadows?

The first question - As I understand it you mean if the problem is in the light adaptation so the answer is yes. As I stand infront of the cave (without actually entering the cave) I can see everything inside it (for now it’s just the terrain but still… I can see it as if it’s not in a cave.
2. All the mesh in the level is set to cast shadows.
3.4. Both lights are set to cast shadows too.

OK, so I figured out that the problem comes from the Sky light… When I turn the intensity down to 0 the cave is dark again but some other places are becoming dark too and I was wondering if It’s possible to “tell” the sky light where to work (like a with a Volume or something) or where to be excluded.

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