[Release] We Come In Peace ...

Also VR related as this is probably the first indie, free time only dev UE4 release in Oculus GearVR store we think :slight_smile:

As per that post feel free to drop any questions, feedback or ideas to help us moving it to the games section!

Done entirely in blueprints starting with 4.7 migrating to each new version until 4.10 when the engine became ‘release-able’ for GearVR Looking forward to the performance improvements in 4.11 though to push the game even further!

… and pretty please Epic give us 3D audio on the android platform for the gearvr!! Would make this much better :wink:

Updated to 4.11 and now a complete game in the Game section of the Oculus store with lots of updates!
Full list of new features in the release thread:

Yay! Congrats!