Refraction / Reflection Problem with Objects Right Next to Glass

Hello everyone, as I get back into Unreal Studio I’ve managed to get a pretty nice glass material solution going (using Fresnel Function) with help from this tutorial:

However, I’m having trouble resolving how the refraction deals with objects next to, or even touching, the glass. I’ve got frameless glass panels within extruded aluminum channels, but the backside of the channels aren’t actually showing up. Even when I turn the refraction completely off, the back half on the other side of the panel isn’t visible. I’m attaching some images.

Tnx much.

Tnx Kalie!

The next problem I’m having is getting simple reflections to work with objects that are relatively close to the glass. In this example I don’t have any reflection probes in the scene yet. The Skylight/HDRI background clearly shows up, but the tall boxes do not!?!

I have a Post Processing Volume in the scene. SSR is set to 100/100/.6

I’ve no idea what I’m doing wrong, but clearly I’ve messed up a setting somewhere.

Raildex, thanks for the reply. Here’s the result of my experimenting with the Box Reflection Probes. It’s working, but while I understand that there will be distortions I’m wondering if my placement/size strategy is correct?

Sry I have the same problem with reflections when I put a object in front of my glass looks pretty but when I send it to back its invisible! And I’m not sure if any command can help or what can I do in this case, if can anyone can help me I’m very happy to read you!

Greetings @rodrigon15 !

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While I’m certainly no expert on refraction/reflection, I wonder if the issue you’re having regards the opacity of your glass. I’m not sure which version of UE you are using, but perhaps this thread I found would offer a possible solution to the issue you’re having or at least get you started on discovering what is happening.

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