UE4.24 Raytracing glass problem:Can't see a glass object through another glass object

I have a Translucency problem of raytracing,as you can see in the screenshots below,the glass shell of speaker model has two structs.However,when i switch the Transluency mode to RayTracing,the inner struct is disappear,means that i can’t see the inside struct through the outside shell.But under Raster mode,things work fine.Is there any solution to solve this problem?
Thank you so much!



Make sure you have enough refraction rays:

Thank you for your help!I have tried your method but it caused another problem,i increased the Max.Refraction Rays to 16 but the glass turn into black,this is always a weird problem that confuses me,the glass material i used is MI_Glass_RT_Windshield material in new AutomotiveMaterial Pack,and my mesh is double side as shown in the screenshot.I’ve also tried to apply the same material to the engine sphere meth,it’s still black.I can’t figure out why the result isn’t correct,is it the material problem or the mesh?Could you give me some suggestions?

Double-click the material and play with the values for glass colour and opacity:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The glass colour and Opacity value work!You really solved the problem for me,appreaciate!