Reflections in reflective walled room fractured

I’m working on a scene that has three gold, reflective, yet slightly roughened walls. This scene is giving me a lot of trouble due to reflections. I’ve tried using both Box and Sphere Reflection captures (the box seeming to be the most appropriate since it’s a simple rectangular room) with no success. I’m not sure what the right terminology is to describe the problem I’m seeing, but basically, if you look at the wall on either side, the reflection is good enough, but looking straight into the back of the room, the reflections overpower the wall surface, get really shiny, over saturated, and fractured. Attached below are a few pictures in both lit and reflection view modes.

Hi GitNick,

What you’re seeing here looks to be a combination of Screen Space Reflections (SSR) and your reflection capture actor.

You can see the different by adding in a Post Process Volume and adjusting the settings for Screen Space Reflections. You can adjust it’s intensity, quality, and max roughness setting to help blend it in better. But since it is limited to only reflect that which is visible on the screen.

Thank you!


Thanks! I’ll be looking into this some more. So far, only turning off the SSR entirely actually solves the issue.