Reflection Captures are adding to planar reflection?

I have my ground using the planar reflection, and I’m placing reflection captures around for rest of the scene. The problem is, when I place capture actors around they seem to combine themselves with my planar reflection, and I can’t figure out why. Adjusting the “Distance from Plane Fadeout” and “Angle from Plane Fade” settings doesn’t seem to help.

Notice how you can see the problem in Lit viewmode but not in Reflections viewmode:


Is there an under-the-hood roughness fade value specifically for planar reflection? And the reflection capture is filling in the “roughness gap”? This is the only reason I can think of to why it appears correct in reflections viewmode but not in Lit.

Essentially I just want my ground to use the planar reflection and everything else to use captures.

Daniel Wright says here that the engine is now “Fading out planar reflections based on roughness since they don’t have support for variable roughness (fade starts at .2 roughness, ends at .3)”

So I’m assuming that this is what’s happening here. So the “extra” reflection from the reflection capture is applying to the rest of the roughness values and is actually the correct behavior. So I’ve adjusted my materials/environment to account for the correct reflection and achieve the look I had before.