Reflection Capture Box - Black aeras ?


I come back with another issue…

In a large room I placed a BoxReflectionCapture (Same problem with a SphereReflectionCapture) that covers the whole room but I don’t understand why in some aeras the reflections become black suddenly.

Here you can see two pictures that illustrate the problem

All the lights are Static and baked in lightmaps… But movable actors seem to be not affected by lighting everywere as if there were “No light zones”
Here, the sphere has a simple White shiny material… Moving it and the reflections suddenly disappear O_o

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Hello Jayc3D,

So from your screenshot and what you have described you placed a metallic object in your scene and then built lighting. Then you moved the object and it becomes black.

If you have static or stationary lighting in your scene a lighting build must occur in order for your objects to be calculated and lit accordingly. How this works is a pass that calculates the rays of light emanating from your light source. That calculation takes into consideration where the light rays are coming from, their angle, and how many times the light bounces.

If you move an object, once calculated, you will need to build lighting again in order for the lighting in your scene to find where that object has moved to. It expects it to be where you moved it from. That is why on movable objects, movable lights are recommended. This way the calculations is constantly being updated instead of the one pass method used by Stationary or Static lights.

This way is more expensive but gives you the freedom to adjust your objects in scene without running another lighting build.

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you,

Hello !

Thanks for your reply!

I understand the concept of static objects and static lights calculation but what I would illustrate here is that the reflections disappear in certain locations.
I could add a third image that shows this sphere (here a movable object) a little bit more on the right and get the reflections again (I will post a Gif of my desktop tomorrow) like there were black holes in the ReflectionCaptureBox.

Hello !

When I activate Show->Visualize->Volume Lighting Samples This aera seems to need more sample for moving object…
It’s a big empty space without sample…

May be the problem comes from here?
How can I add more samples or define a more dense sample grid?

Ok so, I rebuilt the lights with a LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolume
the result is that I get a enough dense sample grid for movable object!
That’s cool!!

But now my question is, Is it always necessary to have a LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolume in the scene for moving objects or characters?