Referencing my character in a behavior tree task?

I am trying to fire the “AttackCharacter” custom event off my character but it needs to be the owning character, how would I properly cast to my owning character?

EBTNodeResult::Type UTask_Attack::ExecuteTask(UBehaviorTreeComponent& OwnerComp, uint8* NodeMemory)
	UBlackboardComponent* blackboardComp = OwnerComp.GetBlackboardComponent();

	bool canSeeEnemy = blackboardComp->GetValueAsBool(canSeeEnemyKey);
	AActor* enemyActor = Cast <AActor>(blackboardComp->GetValueAsObject(enemyCharacterKey));
	bool isInRange = blackboardComp->GetValueAsBool(isInrangeKey);

	if (canSeeEnemy && isInRange)

		AAIController* AIOwner = OwnerComp.GetAIOwner();
		ACharacter* ownerCharacter = Cast<ASHAICharacter>(AIOwner->GetCharacter());

		if (ownerCharacter)


	return EBTNodeResult::Succeeded;

I had to #include my character and cast to it.