Reference Enum created in BP into C++

Hi, how can I reference an Enum created in Blueprints into C++?

I’m writing my code inside UCharacterMovementComponent (which is an Inherited component) and the Enum variable is created inside the parent Character Blueprint.

The Enum itself is stored on the root /Content/ folder.

Appreciate your help.

This is on available from 's Victory Plug-in, from what I can see here. Did you download and install this plugin? Can you post your code if possible?

Based on what I have found in this thread: Refer blueprint enum in C++ - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

You cannot reference an Enum created in Blueprints within C++. Your best option here is to create this Enum in C++ and reference it in your Blueprint instead.

There is a comment made by Use BP defined structs and Enums in C++ - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums that says it’s possible, although I might not be doing it correctly

in .h:

class MYPROJECT3_API UNewCharacterMovementComponent : public UCharacterMovementComponent


	//Get BP Enum
	static FORCEINLINE UEnum* GetBPEnum(UObject* Obj, const FName& Name, uint8& Value)
		Value = 255; //invalid

		if (!Obj)                            return NULL;
		if (!Obj->IsValidLowLevel())    return NULL;
		if (Name == NAME_None)     return NULL;

		FByteProperty* ByteProp = FindFProperty<FByteProperty>(Obj->GetClass(), Name);
		if (ByteProp != NULL)
			void* ValuePtr = ByteProp->ContainerPtrToValuePtr<void>(Obj);
			Value = ByteProp->GetUnsignedIntPropertyValue(ValuePtr);
			return ByteProp->GetIntPropertyEnum();

		return NULL;

in .cpp:

UEnum* GetBPEnum(UObject* Obj, const FName& Name, uint8& Value)
	uint8 ValueFound = 255;
	UEnum* TheEnum = GetBPEnum(MyActor, FName("ItemType"),ValueFound);
		if (TheEnum && ValueFound != 255)
			UE_LOG(YourLog,Warning,TEXT("Item saved to hard disk ~ ", TheEnum->GetEnumName(ValueFound));

But I’m not sure if I’m putting the code in the right place. This is inside UCharacterMovementComponent and I’m not using any plugin.

This is the output error:


Simply declere Enum in C++, it will save you a lot of hassle and let you direcly refrence enum in C++ and use it normally in Blueprints (if you use UENUM).

Same goes with Structs. Blueprints structs and enums was made primerly for blueprint only projects in mind, if you got C++ there no point of using them, you only making things difficult for yourself.

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