Reducing Shader Complexity

I wanted to ask if there are ways to reduce shader complexity as my landscape material is red and I get only around 35 fps without foliage, 25 with foliage.

Maybe using less texture parameters ?
Using nodes multiple times instead of single using(for example using a single slope control multiple times for diffuse,normals,displacement instead of one individual for each ?

Hello BurningSky,

Reducing your shader complexity is mostly based on your instruction count of your material. A good explanation of how we calculate and colorize the shader complexity view mode can be found in the documentation below.

View Modes - Shader Complexity

As the documentation states, “Only instruction count is used to calculate shader complexity, which may not always be accurate. For example, a shader with 16 instructions, all texture lookups, will be much slower on all platforms than a shader with 16 math instructions. Also shaders which contain loops that are not unrolled will not be represented accurately by the instruction count, this is mainly an issue for vertex shaders. Overall the instruction count is a good metric in the vast majority of cases.”

Try reducing your amount of instructions to optimize your material. If you would like, you can provide me with a screenshot of your material and the instruction count. I can then take a look at what areas you can simplify or remove for optimization.


Thank you for your explanation Andrew!
For overview reasons I used many nodes multiple times instead of one node for all equal calculations. I will remove them.