Recreating sticky detailed ink?

Hi this is my first time posting!

Currently I’m trying to recreate making liquids in this case high res ink.
The ink comes from the characters Arms. So far I’ve set up a socket for this in the characters hands.
I have been wondering how to go about recreating the ink material suitable for 4k graphics. The main problem I’m running into is assuming I can spawn some mesh in cascade or create the look of 3d ink. Is there a way to make the particles really sticky? Like make the ink stick to walls and surfaces in a very slimy manner?

Anyways I hope I get a response soon.

You can spawn meshes trough cascade, and if you want a really good example of sticky stuff…
You might want to download UT trough the launcher and look at the blueprint code and anything else related to the BioRifle. If anything sticks, its that thing.