Recommended polycount for realistic apartment environment?

Hi guys! I’m making a horror game. I can’t decide which is the optimal polycount for the environment. I created models that range between 10k-20k. Since it is an apartment environment the player just go through rooms and hallway. is 10k-20k too much?

Hi, the answer is, it depends.

It depends greatly on your target hardware (for example with an oculus quest the recommended limit of polycount is around 100k at the same time on the whole screen, whereas some paragon characters have nearly that much of a count by themselves).

It also depends on what else you have going on. If for example you use dynamic lightning and shadows, then the cost for that will also increase with the poly count. But if you would use static lightning that this cost would fall away.

There is a free furniture pack on the marketplace, you could take a look at that.

Use high poly to low poly baking, and then use lods to further reduce the poly count at a distance.