Receiving shadows on Emissive Materials

I am working on a shader of sorts which uses material parameters, but it uses mostly Emissive properties due to lit shading not giving the look that I want.

I am wondering if there is any way that I can get self-shadowing and shadows based on the level lighting to work with Emissive materials without having to switch to a dodgy post-process solution entirely, or without having to spend large sums of time figuring out how make a shader model which uses emissive but accepts shadows

Well, Shadow is absence of light. So it is mutually exclusive with emissive. You could try achieving the same effect with a bright basecolor. If that is not enough, you will need to alter the shading model itself.

This requires you to use the forward renderer, but gives you direct access to the shadow information on a per material basis.

You can use it to achieve things like that, or just to get standard shadows on emissive materials.

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