Recast Navmesh does not save when editing properties

I have a NavMesh bounds volume in my level, when you drag it in I guess it created a recast nav mesh too. Whenever I change the Recast’s properties like Agent Radius it does not save next time I open the editor. This is frustrating, is there anyway I can make it save?

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It’s a kind of a bug. Currently navmesh is being re-created every time you open your level, to match NavigationSystem.SupportedAgents settings, and if that’s empty it uses RecastNavmesh’s defaults. This has already been filed and will be addressed in future.

Sorry for the inconvenience :confused:



In which version is it fixed? Is there no way to set settings to the navmesh at the moment? I need to change the agent radius…

The recomended way to change AgentRadius is via NavigationSystem.SupportedAgents.

The issue has not been addressed yet since it’s a part of a lot bigger task.

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and how do I set NavigationSystem.SupportedAgents in blueprint?

Do you need different supported agents on different levels of a single game? If not then you don’t need this. If so then it’s not supported currently.

What’s the problem you’re trying to address? What’s the practical need behind modifying supported agents on the fly?

I need to change the settings because my walls are tighter in my game. Where is the correct way to do this even if it is the same for all of my levels?

Here is a screenshot of what I’m talking about:

Project-wide configuration variables can be found in Project Settings in the Editor.

Hi, wanted to open a question, but in 4.11.1 I still have this bug, Agent Radius and CellHeight getting reset every time I open the editor. So, it’s still the bug I guess?

Is this fixed in 4.12? I have the same problem.

This is still a problem in 4.14… Has it been fixed in the most recent versions?

This is still broken. The settings do not save.

As @MieszkoZ pointed out in his answer, this problem could be fixed by adding new Supported Agent to the Navigation System in the Project Settings:

With this, I can restart the Editor and the RecastNavMesh.AgentRadius value in the level persists.

Also, there is Nav Data Class variable in the Supported Agents so I assume you can create your own RecastNavMesh class and add it here if you want to change some other NavMesh variables.


Thank you. It works

Imagine if 7 years later this still wasn’t fixed…

Here’s a video that will show a workaround for anyone else suffering from the 7 years of Neglect on this problem: Navigation Mesh Agent Radius Tutorial - YouTube


8 years this is still a problem. But creating a new Support Agent worked.


You can just delete Recast Nav Mesh and Build path and everything becomes fine

Still happening

still happening a decade later thanks epic