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After building a house in ue4 i wanted to play in it. After hitting play it said on the screen i need to rebuild the lighting so hit escape and clicked build lighting only and then it crashed do you know why this might be because i didn’t get an error message it just said it has stopped responding.

Hey thisguy33,

This warning is caused when lighting has been invalidated by moving or modifying a light Actor. This can cause problems because the rendered lighting in the level is not accurately representing the current state of lights in the level. This error can be solved by going to the Build menu and rebuilding lighting for a map.

Also, be sure to check your World Outliner to make sure there are no primitives in your scene that are not visible. Keeping these hidden will keep that message in your viewport until you make it visible and rebuild your scene.

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How do i do specifically for a map. I have a screen shot of the options i can do but i don’t know which to pick because i’m new to ue4,

I also looked at the world outliner and i don’t think i have any primitives.

Hey thisguy33,

I have gotten into the habit of using the ‘Build All’ option, which will build lighting, geometry, and navigation for the level that is currently loaded and visible.

On that note, let me say welcome to the Unreal Engine 4 community!

If you are looking for learning resources, we have plenty of different ways in which to learn new information. Check out our Documentation at first to get a feel for what the engine offers and how it functions. We also have the Forums which is filled with community members who are willing to help you learn, give you new ideas, and even get some free content!

Unreal Engine 4 Documentation

If you are experiencing and issue with lighting, and would like to attempt troubleshooting your own issue, we also have the Troubleshooting Guide for Lighting which you will also find helpful.

Wiki - Lighting Troubleshooting Guide

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Thank you for welcoming me. But i still am having an issue do you have skype so you can see what i’m doing wrong. Because i’ve went through the trouble shooting page for lighting and i’ve tried acouple things but nothing seems to be working.

Hey thisguy33,

We do not offer support through Skype unfortunately, for various security reasons. If you have a short video or images pointing out your issue along with a short description of what you are attempting to do, I can assist you from there. If this is an entirely different issue, please create a new AnswerHub post as this one can be closed for tracking purposes.

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Well i don’t know why but my phone went let me send the video so is there any other ideas you might have to help me fix the problem. Could it be because i have satalite internet.

Hey thisguy33,

As far as uploading the video, this could be an internet issue on your end. Would you mind showing me a screenshot of your scene and the ‘Details’ tab of your dominant light actors?


Okay here are the screen shots. I followed one of the tutorials to make the house so it was nothing too serious. I currently have allow static lighting unchecked in project settings so i can play around more. But i’m sure i will have to be able to rebuild lighting for future projects.


It seems you just need to continue learning how Lighting works within Unreal. I am going to mark this question as resolved and suggest you continue following tutorials and reading the documentation.

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