Really Bad Hitches on Specific Computers

I am making a game for a university project. I am at the stage where I am optimizing it, and it needs to be ready to be presented at an event in a couple of months times. I have run into an issue that the IT department is looking in to, which is a Hitching problem in engine.

This Happens at runtime, in packaged builds, and also even in the editor without running the game.

Using the System Front-End reveals that the culprit is an event called “FUdpMessageBeacon” and underneath that something called “CPU Stall - Wait For Event”.

This is no an issue on Non-university computers, even though their specs are fairly good, including 32 GB ram. The game is well optimized at this point. But these crazy hitches are coming out of nowhere, but do seem exaggerated on games with more of a render cost.

No idea how to fix this. It only happens on UNI PCs, and only on certain projects.

Yes, I’m having this exact same issue. But like the last 10 questions I’ve searched for on the Unreal forums, it’s been over a year with no answer whatsoever.

It’s the worst. I never did get to the bottom of it. I just kept hopping to different PCs until the issue eventually stopped. I can only assume it’s some sort of driver issue or version bug. The PC it eventually worked on was one that was off the University’s IT grid, which had different updates, drivers, and versions of the engine. So I can only assume a Driver or version of the engine is responsible.

Any fix for this?

Disable plugin UDP Messaging, that works for me!