Realistic lightning?

Hello there. I made a day/night-cycle with a directional light . Theres the problem . i can make realistic shadows but no realistic “lightbounce”.
I mean, if you look in a room without lights, where the sun shines in, theres still no light accept for the areas, where the sun directly shines into the room.

I couldn’t fine any solution for this problem, so please help.

Ps: no tricks with skylight , should be realistic… :wink:

Try adding a sky light and some reflection captures to your scene, the sky light should help create the bounce of light. Do your materials have any specular data/values set?

Yes, the materials have specular set.
are there any settings for reflection to light in materials?

i have added sky light also in my model but the result i got is unrealistic. how shall i do to achive same graphic like archiviz videos on youtube has???


With dynamic lighting you won’t get GI!! Only with static/stationary lights you’ll get light bounces! …so with day/night circles you have moving lights=dynamic lights=you’ll have to fake your GI!