Read/Write Vertex Color vs Texture + Data Grid

I’m looking to make a system where I can write and read information around the world that the player can use to perform - or not - certain actions.

The system should work similar to what Splatoon does but I’m not totally sure how to approach it, I believe there could be 3 ways:

1 - All assets in the level have low res dynamic splatmaps - similar to lightmaps - and that information can be modified in real time recording small world sphere masks and used and processed in shaders to make it render nice. This information could also be accessed and retrieve pixel data based on world location to determine gameplay

2 - Same as 1 but also have a low res 3D Data Grid with 0/1 value used to determine gameplay information and only use the splatmaps to render

2 - Vertex Color is modified and read in realtime for both rendering and gamplay information

Based on what I’ve read I believe Ue4 doesn’t like to modify vertex colors in real time, and a quick test on my end caused hitches and confirmed that so I think either option 1 or 2 (probably n2 would be better).

I’m not sure if anyone has done something similar or can guide me in the right direction.
If @Rama or @RyanB are out there any help would be appreciated!