Ray Traced Shadows With World Position Offset on Instanced Static Mesh or Foliage

WorldPositionOffset works for great Ray Traced Shadows/Reflections on a static mesh. (Have to check Evaluate World Position Offset in mesh rendering section).

However, using the mesh in an Instanced Static Mesh or as Foliage breaks it shadows and reflections.

This is critical for foliage that uses wind among other effects.

Much thanks for any feedback / help with this

This needs to be fixed/reworked. The WPO evaluation check should be moved inside the actual mesh or material properties, not on the placed mesh.

I just spent 2 hours trying to figure out why my grass looks weird and shadow doesnt register WPO… All because of 1 checkbox…

Agreed its difficult to find… but more importantly, it doesnt work with instanced static meshes, hierarchical ISMs, or foliage at all…


Is this a bug or have they just not implemented it properly yet? I’ve been messing around with it thinking I must be doing something wrong as shadows are there with wind in the preview but static in my scene. Or is the only option CSM…which seems to have other problems with foliage.