Randomizing Flipbook Texture

So I’m using a flipbook texture for an animated particle effect, but all my sprites using the flipbook animation go through the same frames at the same time, and when they’re on screen and spread out it looks repetitive. Is there a simple way to randomize what frame the animation starts on or is offset based on world position or something?

You could add actor world position to the time node, and use that for flipbook animation phase input.

There’s a material node called ParticleRandomValue. Simple enough?

If your sprite sheet is loopable, which I think is your question then you can have random start frame if you use SubUVMovie > Starting Frame == 0 which will make the start frame random.

How would that be done on GPU particles? Randomizing the starting frame of a flipbook material.

For those who struggle stilll with this problem.
In my opionion this guy explain a great solution =)

Unless your are using Niagara Particle System…

Setup Flipübook Animation via Niagara Particle System: