Random Colored Light Bake

I have scene with all standard static meshes and materials. All the lights are static point lights and they are all the same color. Last week I baked the lighting and I had this random spot that had been baked as if there was one single orange point light in its place, but there was nothing there to cause that, no light, no emissive or anything. I baked the lighting again and it disappeared. I just did my final bake for this scene and now i have this random purple bake, as if there was a purple light there but again there is nothing there. See attachment for more clarification.

Hello WM3dteam,

To help clarify this issue I would like to gather some more information from you.

1.) Would you link me a copy of your DxDiag?
2.) If you switch your lighting to movable/dynamic does this issue still occur?
3.) Does this happen in any other project or just this one?

After I have this information I should be able to narrow down what is causing this issue.