QuickQuestion: Has anyone seen this before or know how to fix it?

Every time i create a new dynamic dominant directional light in a new scene and turn on light shafts the shafts are offset from the light source by default

um, why? 5 years of UE and ive never seen anything like this…
The shafts ARE FINE in Viewport but as soon as i PIE this happens…

Be my guest, take a guess at a fix and post it below, ill try it (within reason)

Need help with this please im not the only one in my team with this problem.Yet we arent getting any help.

I have Uninstalled and Reinstalled 4.8.1 and the problem still persists.

Hi Iridescence -

The light shaft bloom issue that you are witnessing has been reported and is a known issue. We are currently investigating a fix for the issue, for reference the bug report number is UE-17199. In the meantime, if your Screen Resolution is exactly 100% you should not see any bloom, light shaft errors.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum