Quick question about the top down template

Hey there!

So I barely just started playing with the editor, but I’ve seen to hit a problem. A simple one, I guess. I’ve created a project from the top-down template. I added a simple stair (the character would’ve come from another level), but my player wouldn’t go up on it. I’ve read that you needed to resize your NavMesh<something> (sorry) to hold all your level, but that didn’t work. Any ideas?

And should I ask this on the Answers? :frowning:

Sorry for anything!


You probably mean the navmesh volume. A nav mesh volume defines an area in your level that the engine will generate a navigation mesh for. AI or player controllers can then use the generated nav mesh to navigate through your level and find correct paths to take. Your navmesh volume has to include all the areas that you want to be able to navigate to.

Search for your nav mesh volume in the scene outliner on the right. You probably already have one, if you started with the top down template. Select it and make sure it is big enough to contain all the relevant parts of your level.

There is also an option to display the calculated nav mesh in the editor. This is useful for debugging navigation, because you’ll immediately see, that the nav mesh is missing somewhere, if your nav mesh volumes are incorrect. I think the shortcut for that is P?

Will try that tonight Bajee, thanks. I already changed the navmesh volume to contain the whole level, didn’t work. Will try to show it :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

Will also depend on collision, there is also a setting for the angle of slope the character can walk up/down in the settings as well.

Hmmm didn’t know that. On the blueprint, probably? Thanks!