[question to the developers] Concerns regarding GNU/Linux support

It’s tolerable that building for anything other than GNU/Linux and Android/Linux isn’t supported.
But dedicated server targeting isn’t available either, that’s bad.
And there’s no easy way to get the marketplace content.
And also GPU lightmap baking wasn’t and still isn’t supported.
And now Nanite and Lumen aren’t supported either.

Question: are you abandoning GNU/Linux support?



The problem is that features that are not supported are added much faster than features that wasn’t supported start being supported.


Am I being ignored?

Ignored by who? If you mean Epic, then basically we’re all being ignored by Epic! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:If you mean the Community, then consider that some or all of your points have been made before already in other threads, some even just today! So do a search and bump those threads to add weight. Overall, you’ve been around since 2016 seemingly, so you must have seen a falloff in engagement on here anyway. The forums are a wasteland now. So you could try other channels as well. Look for wherever amigo / strangergwenn / hang out. :wink:

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I had been asking all these questions too as I had been an avid linux-ue user from few years.
think it is easier to get response from ::: u:s.g.o.v ::: than from epic :laughing: (using ‘ petitions’)
:crazy_face: can we linux developers file a petition there for this!
Also maybe another petition to nvidia to give nvapi/rasterizer for vulkan/linux (for nanite)

Joke aside, if you look through my previous post you will get answers for some of those questions.

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I bumped a 9 years old post about better support launcher! Unreal launcher for linux ?

After I heard about all the windows 11 drama, I was looking into switching back to linux, but all my work is in UE5 now and I’m heavily leaning on the new features. Hopefully EPIC devs get everything working on Linux.

You have to wonder, how is it the engine can be so innovative and yet the Launcher isn’t and has never ever been? Look at all the threads related to eating CPU, taking an age to load large asset libraries, the 1000 asset limit, or recently the 50 item wishlist limit??? :confused:

Even Epic staff have to remind themselves that the advice they like to give out about just downloading github source and building the engine manually, does nothing to address the elephant that you’re still pretty much :duck:'d as regards downloading MP assets on Linux!

So what’s this really all about? Either the Launcher team have been too busy partying like McAfee all along :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, or they actually get completely forgotten about and don’t even get an invite to the yearly party at Epic HQ. Overall, my guess is - the Launcher is outsourced. :wink:

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By the developers.
I don’t think anyone but them could really answer the question.