Unreal launcher for linux?

Unreal launcher is very nice feature that is available for download only for windows and mac.Is there any chance to have this feature on linux. Also I want ti ask about c++ support for linux. Now linux is not very suitable for c++ projects.
I look at trello but can’t find tags with this kind of info


If you haven’t already, maybe the #ue4linux IRC channel on Freenode will give you some answers too - the Linux guy at Epic hangs out there.

Very thanks :slight_smile:

Epic is still mulling over it because releasing the Launcher might indicate that Linux is now supported, and people would be looking for Linux binaries that went through QA, etc etc.

Linux Editor is not done yet - there are still issues to be fixed, but it’s getting there…

Thanks. I will wait patiently.

It’s 4.9 release version now and we don’t have Linux Launcher yet, i saw in the docs that it could come in this year or in 2045 year :’(.

Yeah… it’s crazy. Epic is one of the biggest companies in the industry and it took them 1 year to run the editor in Linux. Lol. Unity did this in 1 months with launcher and editor… Thank you Epic for doing this, but I will move my project to Unity because it’s taking too much time

The editor works fine. It really isn’t that much of a hassle to use it on Linux.

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The editor works fine, for the most part. It does still have some issues. My biggest problem with Epic right now… they pushed the bulk of the editor work off on the community, pulled it’s card from Trello (indicating it’s done, when it’s clearly not), and also pulled the card for the Launcher, with no indication of if or when it will ever happen. So, those of us (few, I know), that don’t have access to Windows are left without access to the Marketplace. I’m sure most of us can do without the launcher fine, but cutting us off from the Marketplace really blows…

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Dear Epic Team,

Please prepare the Linux version of UE4 with Launcher and all features. Unity 3D made the Linux version which many people interested in.

any news on this?

Well, the launcher uses UE4 and UE4 works really well on Linux. If an entire year wasn’t enough to make it available, with no comment from Epic about technical issues making it hard to do, it probably means it’s not happening.

That will be very sad. I hold my projects just because the launcher , it’s make life easier

In January I’m going to start a big project with UE4 and I’d like to use Linux for that because I don’t want to deal with Microsoft’s dirty tricks. I’m fed up with Windows, so please make the UE4 Editor for Linux be a true alternative for users (the binary version with the launcher). I see the active and enthusiastic movement around the Unity 3D Editor for Linux and I, and many others, am waiting for the same with UE4. Please make a present for us, Linux users.

We’re not working on a Linux launcher. We’re doing a lot of high-priority platform work which will take precedence over any consideration of this for most of 2016 before we have a chance to reevaluate. It’s actually a harder problem to solve on Linux than PC/Mac because the binary compatibility differences on Linux are more extreme.

Looking beyond convenience, is the lack of a Linux launcher blocking any critical functionality for game development with UE4? Developing workarounds may be more practicable than building a fully compatible launcher.

Dear Tim,

Thank you for your clear answer to our questions/doubts. I’m really sad because “the binary compatibility differences on Linux” is not a big problem in Linux developers’ opinion to port software to Linux. Why don’t you choose one distro for your official support just like Unity Technologies did with Unity 3D? It can be for example Ubuntu. There was a very hot discussion on the Unity forums and the idea came true. Nobody’s hurt.

I don’t know if “the lack of a Linux launcher blocking any critical functionality for game development with UE4” because I use the Windows version. However, I know the lack of the launcher can be a big obstacle for many users. They don’t want to play with operating system settings because they aren’t Linux geeks. They want to just run UE4 and make games.

When it comes to me, because there isn’t the launcher and the binary version, I’m not sure if the Linux version of UE4 has the same capabilities as Windows and Mac ones. My project is very complex with much C++ programming. I need a stable and full-fledged software.

Thank you.

Can’t download Marketplace content.

Edit: Don’t know if you can get to the Content Examples, either, like Kite Demo, etc… If we could get a cut down launcher that only has the Vault functionality for Marketplace Content and Content Examples, that’s all I’d need.


Great! What IDE are you using for C++ coding? Are there any problems? I know there are some solutions made by people who don’t work for Epic Team.

I’ve literally just started working on Linux. Only had the source on that box for a day, so I’m sure I’ll find other things as I go, but I’m trying to get it to work with CLion.

Try CodeLite:

Maybe it’s a better solution than CLion is.