Unreal launcher for linux?

Marketplace!!! HELLLOOOO… are you seriously saying that you guys haven’t been paying attention to what we’ve been asking for, for over a year now? is this that first class treatment we were promoised? Guess, I need to look into Unity again /sigh

It’s just preventing us from using the marketplace. Which we would like to, since it’s starting to have good content now.


Is this the only problem? What IDE do you use for C++ programming?

It’s the only real problem I have. The CodeLite IDE works well for code, but there’s an ini file that has to be edited to enable it. See this page, about halfway down. The section, C++ projects and IDE’s, explains the changes made. After that, enable the plugin inside the editor, and you should be good to go. Also, see this thread.

Thank you! This info will be useful for other Linux users too. However, Epic Team should support it officially and without any issues because it can be a problem for many inexperienced users. And all should work without any tricks and workarounds, Marketplace too. In other words, we should be treated equally. Making a good binary version for one distro (let’s say Ubuntu) it’s not a big work, just goodwill. Please free us from Windows.

Agreed. I really don’t see why it can’t set ini file appropriately when the plugin is selected in the editor…

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To make things clear. You don’t need to activate the CodeLite accessor because it is activated by default on GNU/Linux systems. Furthermore you don’t have to change anything in the ini file either because you can select the CodeLite accessor in the UE4 editor. Go to the UE4 editor settings under ‘Source Code’ and select CodeLite 7/8. You can use that of course for CodeLite 9 and future versions too. You do that once and finish.

Thank you for the info. I didn’t know.

Editor Preferences -> Source Code (General) -> Source Code Editor -> Choose editor you want to use

Very well! Now, the next step is the possibility of using Marketplace under Linux, the binary version and the launcher. You can do that, guys.

Is this a new change? I had to manually edit the ini in 4.10, but I haven’t rebuilt or updated since. Either way, awesome work. Thank you.

It seems like the only true complaint here is the lack of access to marketplace content? Wouldn’t making the content downloadable from the browser sort this issue? you could drop it into your project manually. Seems like that’d sort it out, without the need for the launcher?

And an easy installation of UE4 on Linux? Why do we have to use the workarounds and tricks to get our favourite game engine installed in our favourite operating system? It can be difficult for many users. Not all Linux users are geeks.

Well that would be much better than asking a friend to download your assets (using your own credentials) so that he can upload them back to you through dropbox or something. Which is what we’re doing in our team.

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Don’t get me wrong, I understand that. Though, I was commenting on the fact that it appeared a big gripe people had was the lack of access to the learning material, sample content and so forth. Whereas, the potential solution I provided would have fixed that, in the interim.

That’s what I had assumed, as well. It also, technically, shouldn’t be hard to accomplish. again, that’s down to Epic. Not me =P

I really appreciate all developers and their hard work in providing us with such an amazing tool like UE4. Also, I know many features are waiting for being included in UE4. It’s great to see how UE4 is improving. Now, it’s a more friendly for beginners and people who joined from other engines such as Unity 3D (like me). The only thing that needs more work is C++ (I mean documentation). I know the thread is about UE4 on Linux, but I wish to say that I am aware of many more important things to do than making the full-fledged Linux version. But Unity Team have the same problems and in spite of that they made a binary Linux version. It’s still experimental, but thousands users use it. Other thousands have been waiting for UE4 on Linux for a long time. Most of them are afraid of compilation and playing with settings, so they use the Windows or Mac version. I’m not afraid and can compile UE4 on Linux, no problem, but it would be great to run the launcher and just click to get UE4 running on my openSUSE. Is it really so hard to make the Linux binary version for one distro, let’s say Ubuntu? Just the same way like Unity 3D? Soon, I’m going to start making a huge and complex 3D application (not a game) with UE4 and I don’t know what to do. Is the Linux version of UE4 ready for a full production? Or it’s too early and it’s better to stick to the Windows version?

While I can obviously only speak for myself, this is the impression I have. Marketplace access seems to be the biggest issue. It is for me. I’ve suggested making downloads from the webpage many months ago in response to a question on AnswerHub, but was told that it would require too much work, and that we were better off continuing to hold our breath for the official launcher (paraphrasing). Good thing I’m not a breath-holder.

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Why workarounds? It makes no sense. It is wasting of time and human work. We need to get the similar experience that we have when running UE4 on Windows. The launcher, marketplace and clicks to start our favorite game engine on our favorite operating system. that’s all. Please do it for Ubuntu only and allow the Linux communities to change it for other distros. I don’t think there’s much work to do.

I do agree with your sentiment, but as said above, this isn’t a priority for them, and likely won’t be for 2016. In the meantime, being able to dl from the website would be beneficial. While not the ideal outcome, it’s apparent making us “first class members of the family” was more market-speak than any indication of real intentions, making the workaround the best we can hope for any time soon…

Every improvement in running UE4 on Linux is welcomed! I know I have to accept Epic Team’s decisions but at the same time there’s hope they will change their mind. But ok, to have an access to the Marketplace stuff, I can temporarily accept downloading from website. UE4 installation on Linux must be fully functional. I haven’t tested it yet, but the lack of possibility of using Marketplace seems really not a good thing.

I would like to chime in WRT to accessing marketplace content on Linux.

After playing with the UE4 editor, I was pretty excited to try mess with some sample content, so I tried to get it from the marketplace. Unfortunately, I found that I could only do so via the launcher.

What I don’t understand is why the launcher is a necessity for grabbing marketplace content. Personally, I think that, when I get home, I am going to sniff the launcher’s traffic on a VM to figure out where to nab content from.

How does the Unity Editor under Linux compare? I’ve never managed to get that working properly here, but I’m curious to know if its asset store is accessible from the Linux version. Certainly this line “The asset store window cannot be docked into the main editor window” on their release notes thread - http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/unity-on-linux-release-notes-and-known-issues.350256/ - makes it sound promising.

Frankly, I was surprised to see Unity Technologies even making the effort to port their editor to Linux. But it appears that they may have (slightly) more interest in seeing the editor working on the platform than Epic does with UE4. Its marketplace is important, and keeping it out of the reach of Linux users comes across as cutting of their nose to spite their face.