question related to specific mesh lod

Hi, i made a gyfcat for easy understand what is happening and the best suggestion you can do for me, here is the link: Untitled Project GIF by bigodon99 | Gfycat

and here is a image of the static mesh on editor

  • the static mesh of panels doesn’t have build in lods
  • i haven’t make any lods for this, because this is already low poly
  • i tried to use ue4 auto lod, but didn’t work… this flickering still happening
  • i tried to remove all lods and the flickering also happen
  • the project anti aliasing is temporal aa and set to cinematic
  • this strange flickering happens some where on screen size ~0.3 but after pass this range, it looks like ~0.4
  • i tried to use a single mesh with textures on that panels, but didn’t work well. The gaps just “close” with this screen distance

i’m running out of ideas, any one know how to fix this?